Date DoW Weather D N Mag Cha Pri Epr Lov For Str Sun Mon Hng Dea Tem Her Eps Hie Jus Dev Tow
04/11 Mon C/R N Room -
04/12 Tue R/C N Room -
04/13 Wed C N Room -
04/14 Thu R N Room -
04/15 Fri R N Room -
04/16 Sat R N Room I - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
04/17 Sun S N Room - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
04/18 Mon S Y Y - I - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
04/19 Tue S/C Y Y - - - - - - I - - - - - - - - - - -
04/20 Wed C Y Y Y - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
04/21 Thu R/C Y Y - - - - - - Y - - - - - - - - - - -
04/22 Fri S/C Y Y Y - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
04/23 Sat C Y Y Y - - - - - Y - - - - F - - - - - -
04/24 Sun S Y Y Y - - - - - T - - - - - - - - - - -
04/25 Mon C Y Y Y - - - - - - I - - - I - - - - - -
04/26 Tue C Y Y - Y - - - - Y Y - - - - - - - - - -
04/27 Wed R Y Y - - - - - - - - F - - - - - - - - -
04/28 Thu R Y Y - - - - - - - Y - - - - - - - - - -
04/29 Hldy R Y N - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
04/30 Sat S N Room - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Weather: S: Sunny; C: Cloudy; R: Rainy
Y: Available
N: Unavailable
Room: Actions in MC's room is unavailable
F: Earliest date of social link's flag events
I: Earliest date of social link's initiation
T: Phone event from the social link


04/11 - Mon

  • First you'd have to choose the difficulty level. There are three of them: Beginner, Normal, and Expert. In P4, it means game over if your main character (MC) is KO'd. If you choose the Beginner mode, you'll have 10 special items that revive and recover your whole group after MC dies (i.e. 10 continues); in Expert mode, damage from enemies increase by about 1.5 to 2 times.
  • You'll see a dreaming scene meeting with Igor and Margaret and be able to assign you name. Remember that in Japanese, it's last name first, then given name last. Press Square to cycle through possible Kanji approximations of the name you give MC if applicable. Igor briefly tells a fortune for you: there will be tragedy ahead, and such tragedy is surrounded by a lot of puzzles and mysteries, which you'd have to solve.
  • Your uncle Ryotaro Dojima and his daughter Nanako will be waiting for you at the train station and ready to take you home, stopping by the gas station on the way. In the living room, you can check the weather at the TV and save your progress at the wall calendar. If you walk upstairs, you'll go to your own room.
  • The room has various functions but you will not be able to use them until 4/18. So, now, just head to the folded blankets (布団) and sleep. In your dream, you'll have your first encounter with ???. Just give it all and fight, this battle will end in about 3 turns by itself.

04/12 - Tue

  • Today you'll go to school. The homeroom teacher (given the derogatory nickname Morokin) describes you as a defeated warrior who had to head back to this town from the big city, if you talk back with "Who's the defeated warrior?" (誰が落ち武者だ), (ENG: "You calling me a loser?") your courage will go up.
  • An accident happens: a woman is killed and hanged upside-down on a TV antenna. Later, the news discloses her identity as Mayumi Yamano, a famous TV announcer who had an affair with Taro Namatame, the councilman's secretary, whose ex-wife is Misuzu Hiiragi, a famous Enka singer.

04/13 - Wed

  • Hang out at Junes with Yousuke and Chie, and get to know Saki Konishi. She is the daughter of a liquor store owner at the shopping district but has decided to work part-time at Junes.
  • Junes is a department store with several branches, the latest one being in Yasoinaba. Yousuke is the son of the branch manager there. Generally, the store is welcomed by local youth, but hated by the older folks because it's been causing the small businesses to fold up.
  • Chie jokes about the Mayonaka TV rumor: it is said that if you stare at the blank TV screen at midnight while it is raining, you'll be able to see the reflection of your future love. The group light-heartedly decides to give a try.
  • When having dinner with Nanako, the TV news shows an interview with the witness who first spotted the dead body on the roof. The student's face is blurred out and voice was altered, but looks awfully like Saki Konishi.
  • Go home and choose to watch the TV and see event.

04/14 - Thu

  • Class: キリストが誕生したころ(The Birth of Christ, Knowledge UP)
  • The group unwittingly falls inside Mayonaka TV. Ask if everyone is all right for a boost in Generosity. After exploring a strange bedroom with a scarf fashioned like a noose and posters with people's faces removed, they meet Kuma, a denizen of the dimension who looks like a bear. (Oh… he is so cute)

04/15 - Fri
*The student body is told to gather at the gym in the morning. The principal then announces the unfortunate death of Saki Konishi.

  • Yousuke is saddend and frustrated by the loss of Konishi, whom he had somewhat of a crush on, and decides to enter the TV World to find the culprit. Chie asks you what you want to do, the choices don't matter. But at the appliance center at Junes where Yousuke is armed with a golf club and some rope, pick the third choice (I'm worried about Chie) to boost Generosity.
  • The Mysterious Shopping Street (異様な商店街) will be the site of your first real battle.
  • At night, you'll obtain the key to Velvet Room from Igor. From here on you can access the Velvet room on the Shopping Street.

04/16 - Sat

  • New Social Link Magician initiated, see "Mag" in the schedule for availability.
  • Watch Mayonaka TV at night, and find out who's the next victim.

04/17 - Sun

  • Yousuke shows MC some Junes Original Brand Weapons he took from storage, a katana and a knife, and asks you which one you prefer (the choice doesn't matter). While playing around with the sharp objects, a cop sees Yousuke and you both get arrested. Luckily, Ryoutaro bails you out, but the weapons are confiscated.
  • You will run into Chie afterwards, and after agreeing to rescue the victim, she will take you to the Daidara Metal Works Smithy (だいだら). Here, you can purchase weapons, armor, and accessories. You can also sell the remains of the defeated shadows and have the blacksmith use them to make new equipment. Yousuke will give you 5000 yen to shop, and tells you to meet up at the Junes Food Court when you are ready.
  • Buy five Ribbon Citron (リボンシトロン, but known as TaP Soda in the NA version) from the vending machine. It'd run out after the fifth one but the will be refilled every Monday. For 120 yen a pop this soda recovers 10 SP, which is a good deal.

Chie wanders off into the castle by herself. MC and Yousuke cannot leave until they are able to find her, so make sure that you have saved your game before you entered Mayonaka TV.

  • New Social Link Fool initiated, this link ranks up automatically with the story.

04/18 - Mon

  • New Social Link Chariot initiated, see "Cha" in the schedule for availability.
  • Class: ザ(Knowledge UP)
  • Quest: #23 initiated
  • Today you can also start various day-time activities, walk around the town and enjoy the sight seeing.

04/19 - Tue

  • Today you can join a sport club. After school, talk to Morokin and ask about the sport club (the first choice). Exit the staff room and turn left, go straight to the end and exit through the big door to join a sport club. You may choose either Soccer or Basketball. Depending on which one you choose, you'll become a clubmate of either Daisuke Nagase (Soccer) or Kou Ichijou (Basketball). You still get to hang out with both of them regardless.
  • New Social Link Strength initiated, see "Str" in the schedule for availability.

04/20 - Wed

  • Class: 完璧(Communication UP)
  • New Book Man's Life Series - A Great Man (Cool Dude 素敵な漢) is on sale. You can read this book on your room's couch. This book adds Courage.

04/21 - Thu

  • Nothing special

04/22 - Fri

  • Nothing special

04/23 - Sat

  • Class: 河のそばにあった(Yousuke's Affinity UP; Communication UP)
  • Part-time jobs are now available at the billboard in the Shopping Street at the North side, beside the shop Aiya (愛家) from today onwards. The first three jobs (Envelope Sealing, Translations and Origami) are done in your room at night. The last one (Day Care) can be taken on certain non-rainy days only after school and requires you to take the bus by examining the sign at the south area of the Shopping Street. This will help establish the Temperance Social Link.

04/24 - Sun

  • Strength Social Link event (scheduled through phone call)

04/25 - Mon

  • Class: 朝8時 (Knowledge UP)
  • Quest: #3 initiated
  • Today you can join a culture club. After school, talk to Morokin and ask about the culture club (the second choice). Exit the staff room and head to the practice building. Music club is at the end of the corridor, Drama club is in the meeting room. Depending on which you choose, you'll be hanging out with either Ayane Matsunaga (Music) or Yumi Ozawa (Drama). Unlike Strength, you will only be able to hang out with one of them.
  • New social link Sun initiated, see "Sun" in the schedule for availability.
  • At night you can use the materials Nanako bought to make lunch box.
    • What to do with the pork?
    • Preserve it with oil (油に漬ける) > Bait X 5 (no lunch box!)
    • Cut it into nice pieces (包丁で切れ目を入れる) > Nice Ginger Pork Roast w/ Bait X 3
    • Boil it to remove excessive fat (湯通しで脂を落とす) > Dried Ginger Pork Roast
    • A real Japanese recipe if you're interested
    • The lunch box is used to increase affinity with any character that has an active S. Link. Depending on how it is cooked, the character you share the lunch with will either love it or hate it. The former is what you'd want to get.

04/26 - Tue

  • Class: 完全数 (Chie's Affinity UP; Communication UP)

04/27 - Wed

  • This is the probably the first rainy day you can walk around. When it's raining the dynamic of the city changes by a great deal. And you can adjust your action accordingly:
    • Social link activities are nearly completely suppressed. Music/Drama Club is still available, but only if it's on the scheduled day.
    • If you study in the school library (図書室), you'll get more Knowledge points because it's quieter (needs time).
    • If you visit the Aiya (愛家) Chinese Restaurant, they will have a 3000 yen Rainy Day Beef Bowl Special Challege that randomly increases 3 out of 5 of your parameters (needs time).
    • Shiroku Store (四六商店) would have a 20% discount, which would be a good time to stock up medicine.
    • In front of the Shiroku Store (四六商店), you can also buy a toy capsule at the vending machine. You may get an item casting single target elemental spell. Sometimes the machine would get stuck, ask the shopkeeper for help and you may get two capsules. The extra one contains a Chest Key (needs time).
    • Bigger fish come out of the lake if you decide to go fishing.
    • There are also shadows that only appear in the TV world on rainy days. Their drop rate is low, but you only need 1 spoil to create new equipment at Daidara.

04/28 - Thu

  • Another rainy day for your enjoyment.

04/29 - Holiday

  • Last day to save the next victim or game over

04/30 - Sat

  • Class: What is the highest mountain in the world? オリンポス山 (Mt. Olympus, Knowledge UP)
  • Yukiko joins the team
  • Fool Social Link Rank 2

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