Fusion Forecast
Date Condition Result
18-Apr None Bonus stats
19-Apr Magician persona as ingredient +Zio
20-Apr None None
21-Apr Archangel as result Bonus stats; +Agi
22-Apr None None
23-Apr Ghoul & Orobas as ingredient +Rakunda
24-Apr None Skill change
25-Apr Orobas & Cu Sith as ingredient Bonus stats; +Media
26-Apr None None
27-Apr None Bonus stats
28-Apr Berith as result +Mabufu
29-Apr None Bonus stats
30-Apr None Skill change
1-May Jack Frost as result Bonus stats; +Resist Fire
2-May None Bonus stats
3-May None None
4-May None Skill change
5-May - -
6-May Hierophant persona as result +Dodge Fire
7-May None Bonus stats
8-May - -
9-May - -
10-May - -
11-May - -
12-May Ara Mitama as result +Auto-Tarukaja
13-May None None
14-May - -
15-May - -
16-May - -
17-May - -
18-May None Skill change
19-May Justice persona as result Social link bonus UP; +Maragi
20-May None Skill change
21-May Priestess persona as result Social link bonus UP; +Resist Faint
22-May None None
23-May None None
24-May Andras as ingredient +Wind skill
25-May None Skill change
26-May None None
27-May None None
28-May King Frost as result +Growth 1
29-May None None
30-May None None
31-May Shiisa as ingredient Bonus stats; Social link bonus UP
1-Jun None None
2-Jun Magician persona as result Bonus stats; +Recovery skill
3-Jun Ares as result +Resist Poison
4-Jun None Bonus stats
5-Jun None None
6-Jun None Skill change
7-Jun Hanged Man persona as ingredient Bonus stats; +Ice skill
8-Jun None Bonus stats
9-Jun Moon & Devil persona as ingredient +Wind skill
10-Jun None Bonus stats
11-Jun None Bonus stats
12-Jun Incubus as result +Null Ice
13-Jun Rakshasa & Matador as ingredient Bonus stats; +Resist Ice
14-Jun None Bonus stats
15-Jun None None
16-Jun - -
17-Jun - -
18-Jun - -
19-Jun None None
20-Jun None None
21-Jun None Social link bonus UP; Bonus stats; +Recovery skill
22-Jun None Bonus stats
23-Jun - -
24-Jun None Skill change
25-Jun None Bonus stats
26-Jun None None
27-Jun None Skill change
28-Jun Yomotsu-Ikusa +Wind skill
29-Jun None None
30-Jun Titania & Makami as ingredient Bonus stats; +Bufula
1-Jul None Bonus stats
2-Jul None None
3-Jul None None
4-Jul None Skill change
5-Jul Emperor persona as result +Support skill
6-Jul None None
7-Jul None None
8-Jul None Bonus stats
9-Jul None Bonus stats
10-Jul - -
11-Jul - -
12-Jul Unicorn as ingredient Bonus stats; +Fire skill
13-Jul None None
14-Jul None Skill change
15-Jul None Skill change
16-Jul None Bonus stats
17-Jul None Bonus stats
18-Jul Flauros as result +Power Charge
19-Jul - -
20-Jul - -
21-Jul - -
22-Jul - -
23-Jul - -
24-Jul Pyro Jack as ingredient +Ice skill
25-Jul None None
26-Jul None Bonus stats
27-Jul None Bonus stats
28-Jul None None
29-Jul Sun persona as ingredient +Growth 2
30-Jul None Skill change
31-Jul None None
1-Aug None Social link bonus UP
2-Aug Samael as ingredient Bonus stats; Skill change
3-Aug None None
4-Aug None Skill change
5-Aug None Skill change
6-Aug Orthrus & Yatagarasu as ingredient +Null Exhaust; Social link bonus UP
7-Aug None Social link bonus UP
8-Aug None None
9-Aug None None
10-Aug None +Support skill
11-Aug None Bonus stats
12-Aug None Bonus stats
13-Aug Death persona as result +Mediarama; Social link bonus UP
14-Aug None Bonus stats
15-Aug - -
16-Aug - -
17-Aug - -
18-Aug - -
19-Aug - -
20-Aug - -
21-Aug - -
22-Aug None Skill change
23-Aug None Skill change
24-Aug None Social link bonus UP
25-Aug None Bonus stats
26-Aug None Skill change
27-Aug Rangda as result +Null Ice
28-Aug None None
29-Aug None Bonus stats
30-Aug None Skill change
31-Aug - -
1-Sep - -
2-Sep None Social link bonus UP
3-Sep Moon persona as ingredient Bonus stats; +Support skill
4-Sep None Skill change
5-Sep None Skill change
6-Sep None Bonus stats
7-Sep Cu Chulainn as result Bonus stats; +Null Elec
8-Sep None Skill change
9-Sep - -
10-Sep - -
11-Sep - -
12-Sep None None
13-Sep None Bonus stats
14-Sep Hanuman & Hitokoto-Nushi as ingredient +Arms Master
15-Sep - -
16-Sep None Skill change
17-Sep Leanan Sidhe as ingredient +Ice skill; Social link bonus UP
18-Sep - -
19-Sep None None
20-Sep None None
21-Sep Tam Lin as result Bonus stats; +Amrita; Social link bonus UP
22-Sep None Social link bonus UP
23-Sep - -
24-Sep None None
25-Sep Throne as ingredient +Ice skill; Social link bonus UP; Skill change
26-Sep None None
27-Sep None Skill change
28-Sep None Bonus stats
29-Sep None None
30-Sep - -
1-Oct Hermit persona as ingredient Social link bonus UP; +Recovery skill
2-Oct None None
3-Oct None None
4-Oct None Bonus stats
5-Oct None Bonus stats
6-Oct None Bonus stats
7-Oct - -
8-Oct Raphael as result +Mind Charge
9-Oct None Bonus stats
10-Oct None Social link bonus UP
11-Oct - -
12-Oct None Bonus stats
13-Oct None Bonus stats
14-Oct - -
15-Oct - -
16-Oct Judgment & Priestess persona as ingredient +Reflect Fire
17-Oct - -
18-Oct - -
19-Oct - -
20-Oct None None
21-Oct Empress persona as ingredient Bonus stats; Social link bonus UP
22-Oct None Bonus stats
23-Oct None Social link bonus UP
24-Oct None None
25-Oct Garuda as result Bonus stats; Social link bonus UP; +Spell Master
26-Oct None Bonus stats
27-Oct None Skill change
28-Oct - -
29-Oct - -
30-Oct - -
31-Oct None Skill change
1-Nov None None
2-Nov Cerberus as ingredient Bonus stats; +Samarecarm
3-Nov None Social link bonus UP; Skill change
4-Nov None Bonus stats
5-Nov None Bonus stats
6-Nov None None
7-Nov None Skill change
8-Nov Daisoujou as result +Mind Charge
9-Nov None Skill change
10-Nov None None
11-Nov None Bonus stats
12-Nov Magician persona as ingredient +Elec skill; Social link bonus UP
13-Nov None Bonus stats; Skill change
14-Nov None None
15-Nov Siegfried as result Bonus stats; +Enduring Soul
16-Nov None None
17-Nov None None
18-Nov None Bonus stats
19-Nov Nebiros as result +Ali Dance; Social link bonus UP
20-Nov None Bonus stats
21-Nov - -
22-Nov None Bonus stats
23-Nov None None
24-Nov Kartikeya as result +Angelic Grace
25-Nov None None
26-Nov Magician persona as result +Marakukaja
27-Nov None None
28-Nov - -
29-Nov - -
30-Nov - -
1-Dec - -
2-Dec - -
3-Dec - -
4-Dec - -
5-Dec - -
6-Dec - -
7-Dec - -
8-Dec Hell Biker as result Bonus stats; +Evade Ice
9-Dec None None
10-Dec None None
11-Dec Judgement persona as ingredient +Fire & Elec skills, Social link bonus UP
12-Dec None Social link bonus UP
13-Dec None Skill change
14-Dec None None
15-Dec Alice as result +Angelic Grace
16-Dec None Bonus stats
17-Dec None Social link bonus UP
18-Dec None None
19-Dec Yoshitsune as result +Arms Master
20-Dec None None
21-Dec Ishtar as result +Instant Recovery & Fire skill
22-Dec None None
23-Dec None Social link bonus UP; Bonus stats
24-Dec Yoshitsune as result +Debilitate
20-Mar None Bonus stats
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