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4-elemental Lilim Required Level: 10

Fool Izanagi (Zio) x Temperance Apsaras (Bufu) > (1) Hierophat Omoikane (Zio, Bufu)

Chariot Slime (Agi) x Strength Sandman (Garu) > (2) Magician Orobas (Agi, Garu)

(1) X (2 after Lv10) > Devil Lilim (Zio, Bufu, Agi, Garu)

Source: //Persona4-ペルソナ4-合体専用スレ

4 Element Archangel Required Level: 11

Fool Izanagi (Zio) + Strength Sandman (Garu) = Magician Orobas (Agi, Zio, Garu)

Magician Orobas + Strength Valkyrie (Bufu) = Justice Archangel (Learns Hama, Inherits Agi, Bufu, Zio, Garu)


4-nda Obariyon Required Level: 13

Hierophant Omoikane (Sukunda, Tarunda) + Fool Izanagi (Rakunda) = Chariot Nata Taishi (Sukunda, Tarunda, Rakunda)

3 Persona Fusion:
Fool Izanagi + Empress Senri (Dekunda) + Chariot Nata Taishi (must be highest level) = Fool Obariyon (Dekunda, Sukunda, Tarunda, Rakunda)


4-elemental Hit-all Sarasvati Required Level: 17 *verified*

Temperance Sylph (Lv14: Magaru) + Sun Cu Sith (Lv13: Magaru) = Hermit Ippon-Datara (knows Maragi, inherits Magaru)

Hermit Ippon-Datara (Maragi, Magaru) + Emperor Oberon (Lv16: Mazio) = Priestess Sarasvati (knows Mabufu, inherits Maragi, Magaru and Mazio.)

If there are not enough inheritance slots when making Sarasvati you may need to level Ippon-Datara a bit first.

Source: Anonymous

Four element Lamia with Invigorate 2 Required Level: 26

1. Heirophant Shiisaa (w/ Zionga) x Emperor King Frost (w/ Bufula) = Empress Titania ( will learn Garula, inherit Zionga and Bufula )
note: please try to control the noise by giving Titania as few elemental skills as possible and try to get rid of that annoying Red Wall (unless you want to spend a lot of time picking skills)

2. Hanged Berith x Justice Archangel (w/ Hama, Mahama, and Dia for noise control) = Priestess Sarasvati (will learn Invigorate 2 at lv 19)
note: please try to get rid of that Resist Rage, if you do it right, your Sarasvati will look like this : Dia, Media, Patra, Hama, Mahama, Invigorate 2, etc

3. Empress Titania (w/ Zionga, Bufula, Garula) x Priestess Sarasvati (w/ Invi 2) = Hermit Lamia (will learn Agilao and Maragion. inherit Bufula, Garula, Zionga, Invigorate 2)

note: do not allow Titania or Sarasvati to inherit Balzac, as this will always transfer to Lamia…making the preferred result impossible.

Source: Deep Bleu

4-hit-all-elemental + Megido Succubus Required Level: 44

Magician Pyro Jack + Lovers Queen Mab (Lv29: Mazionga) = Death Samael (Mazionga, learns Megido at level 39)

Fortune Fortuna (Lv38: Magarula) + Moon Yamato no Orochi (Mabufula) = Lovers Leanan Sidhe (Magarula, Mabufula)

Death Samael + Hermit Mothman = Sun Yatagarasu (Mazionga, Megido)

Sun Yatagarasu + Lovers Leanan Sidhe = Devil Succubus (Learns Maragion, inherits Magarula, Mabufula, Mazionga, Megido)


Good luck inheriting the skills you want. This one can take nearly forever.

3-nda Chu Chulainn Required Level: 47

To fuse 3-nda Chu Chulainn you´ll need
Dis (Magician) x Orthrus (Hanged Man) = Chu Chulainn (Tower)

Dis have Dekunda so your other Persona must have 2-nda skills. I recommend using 4-nda Obariyon from

4-nda Obariyon (Fool) x Cerberus (Strength) = 4/3-nda Orthrus (Hanged Man)

The reason you should use 3-nda Chu Chulainn is that he learns Matarukaja (making boss battles easier) and Garudyne + Mind Charge. The only problem is his weakness. (*Note: Orthrus has Null Ice)

Source: MourningEvoker (Youtube Account Name)

Lone-elephant Girimehkala Required Level: 48, verified

Moon Nozuchi x Moon Yamata-no-Orochi x Moon Alraune (Lv43: Makarakarn) = Moon Girimehkala (Makarakarn)

A very useful solo persona.

Source: Penguin Knight

Tri-auto Narasimha Required Level: 53, verified

Emperor Satanta (Lv39: Auto-Maraku) x Hermit Hitokoto-Nushi (Lv47: Auto-Masuku) = Priestess Kikuri-Hime (Auto-Maraku, Auto-Masuku)

Priestess Kikuri-Hime (Auto-Maraku, Auto-Masuku) x Devil Incubus x Star Ganesha (Current level has to be highest of all 3) > Sun Narasimha (Auto-Maraku, Auto-Masuku)

Narashima will learn Auto-Mataru at LV53.

Later you can also upgrade him to Tam Lin with Cross Spread.

Source: Penguin Knight

Six-Element White Rider Required Level: 58

Star Ganesha x Hermit Hitokoto-Nushi = Justice Throne (Garudyne)

Devil Lilith x Moon Girimehkala = Empress Skadi (Ziodyne, Bufudyne at 54.)

Justice Dominion x Justice Throne (Garudyne, Agidyne for those that have No Death S.Link) x Empress Skadi (Ziodyne, Bufudyne) = Death White Rider (Agidyne, Ziodyne, Garudyne, Bufudyne)

Source: (The One Arthellinus Posted, but Edited Original is The Source)

Tri-Auto Boss Starter Norn Required Level: 72

Jatayu (Lv 65: Repel Elec) x Yaksini = Kikuri-Hime (Repel Elec)

Kikuri-Hime (Repel Elec) x Tam Lin (Lv 54: Auto-Maraku) x Kartikeya (Auto-Mataru) (highest level) = Atropos (Repel Elec, Auto-Maraku, Auto-Mataru)

Clotho x Lachesis x Atropos (Repel Elec, Auto-Maraku, Auto-Mataru) = Norn (Repel Elec, Auto-Maraku, Auto-Mataru, Lv 74: Auto-Masuku, Lv 75: Invigorate 3, Lv 79: Debilitate)

Basically, for 23 SP, at the start of any fight, you can cast the equivalent of Debilitate on an enemy and Heat Riser on your whole party using just the MC. Or replace Invig 3 with whatever you like.

Note that this is only one example of how to make a Tri-Auto Norn, and NOT how I actually made mine. You have a lot of room to work with in setting up the Moirae sisters correctly. For example, instead of trying to get 3 skills onto Atropos, you could get 1 and then carry it over by fusing down to Lachesis and Clotho. Then simply remake Atropos with the other skill(s).

Clotho will be your biggest source of noise, in all likelihood, because you'll likely be making her with low-level ingredients with lots of crappy skills. Be especially careful not to give her low-level Ailment skills. Those will kill your Norn fusion.

Getting 24 unique skills onto the Moirae with none of them being Garudyne, Magarudyne, or Diarahan will take some work, but of course, it's possible. I managed to do it by starting out with the formula listed, but then fusing down Atropos to Lachesis. Then I made Clotho with as little noise as possible. Finally, I re-fused Atropos. This is one way to approach the problem.

Source: Arthellinus

4-hit-all-elemental Ishtar Required Level: 73

Moon Seth (Magarudyne) x Temperance Vishnu (Mabufudyne) x Hanged Yatsufusa (Lv55: Maragidyne) = Lovers Ishtar (Magarudyne, Mabufudyne, Maragidyne)

Ishtar will learn Maziodyne.

Note: with Yatsufusa,replace all buff/debuff magic skills(ex:Masukujaka,Power Charge,Mind Charge) and boost skills(ex:Fire boost) with physical skills(ex:Heat wave) and Dark/Light skills(ex:Mahama,Mudoon).This boost the success rate as Ishtar can't not learn physical skills and does not prefer the Dark/Light skills.If possible,also replace Yatsufusa's Agilao and Agidyne with above as well.This method can be carried out on the other two ingredients but Yatsufusa will be your main source of noise(unwanted techniques).

Source: Penguin Knight

General Yoshitsune passive skill inheritance Required Level: 75

Everyone wants a good Yoshitsune. Often, you want to pass good passive skills like Enduring Soul and Arms Master. This is both a general (in terms of concepts) and a specific (in terms of steps) way to pass on passive skills. This is relatively detailed not because you need to do every step exactly as it is listed, but because it shows the kinds of things you can do to reduce noise.

Assume you want to pass 4 passive skills, which is optimal in terms of being reasonable. Assume also that you are not using the 12/19 fusion forecast for Arms Master for whatever reason.

1. Pick a day where you can get extra S.Link exp from fusion forecast (e.g. 12/12, 12/17, or 12/23).

  • Note: This only applies for Steps 2-6. It doesn't matter what day you fuse Yoshi on.

2. Genbu x Seiryu x Suzaku = Byakko. Give Byakko as many elemental spells as you can, like Mabufula from Genbu and Mazionga from Seiryu. Make sure you keep Bufudyne and Mabufudyne on Byakko.

3. Barong x Seth = Surt. Try to give Surt Ziodyne, Garudyne, or Magarudyne. Keep Agidyne and Maragidyne on Surt.

4. Rangda x Byakko x Surt = Masakado. Try to carry over as many elemental spells as possible. Make sure to forget Tempest Slash and Myriad Arrows.

5. Do similar things for Shiki-Ouji (forget Navas Nebula and preferably Matarunda and Revolution), Oukuninushi (forget Blade of Fury), and Hitokoto-Nushi (forget Poison Arrow, keep Foolish Whisper). Make sure above all else not to have ANY physical skills on these Personas. The reason you should fuse these three instead of using Shuffle versions is because they all have physical skills by default, which you need to get rid of. If you can't load them up with elemental spells, give them Light and Dark spells or other passive skills instead.

6. Hachiman is the hardest to handle because no matter what you do, he will have to keep 2 support skills unless you mess with fusion forecast skill change, but let's assume you don't. It might be easiest to use a Shuffle Hachiman. If you need to fuse him, however, try to get rid of his support skills with this priority: Elec Break = Dekunda > Matarukaja = Revolution > Makarakarn. Keep Maziodyne.

7. Masakado x Shiki-Ouji x Oukuninushi x Hitokoto-Nushi x Hachiman = Yoshitsune. If you did everything right, the only noise should be Light/Dark/other passive skills and the two support skills on Hachiman. Don't forget to put the passive skills you want to begin with on the ingredients!

  • Realistically, however, you may not be able to get rid of all 3 noisy skills on Shiki-Ouji or give Hachiman 5 less noisy skills. If that is the case, keep Revolution for both of them. One more noisy skill is not as bad as two.
  • Abuse the 12/11 fusion forecast. Fire and Elec skills make good junk on all ingredients. Pass them around.

Source: Arthellinus

4-hit-all-elemental Scathach Required Level: 79

One of the best Personas for dungeon crawling and probably one of the easiest to make.

1. Level to 79 by 12/11.

2. On 12/11 (necessary for fusion forecast), Hell Biker (Lv 71: Absorb Fire) x Trumpeter x Hachiman (highest level) = Scathach (Maragidyne, Mabufudyne, Maziodyne, Magarudyne, Ice Amp, Wind Amp, Absorb Fire).

Source: Arthellinus and AltecGreen

Ultimate Blocker Beelzebub Required Level: 81

Moon Alraune x Moon Girimehkala (Lv56: Repel Physical) x Moon Sui-ki = Moon Seth (Repel Physical)

Fool Loki x Star Garuda (Lv62: Repel Wind) x Death White Rider = Devil Belial (Repel Wind)
Overwrite Maragidyne here if you don't want it or want an easier time inheriting the null skills.

Devil Belial (Repel Wind, Lv73: Maragidyne) x Devil Belphegor x Moon Baal Zebul x Moon Seth (Repel Physical, Lv72: Null Light) x Death Mot x Devil Pazuzu = Devil Beelzebub (Maragidyne, Repel Wind, Repel Physical, Null Light)

Source: yab

Ultimate Blocker Metatron Required Level: 83

Rangda (Lv 55: Repel Physical) x Anzu x Omoikane (or two Hierophants of lower level than Rangda of your choosing) = Anubis (Repel Physical)

Anubis (Repel Physical) x Michael (Lv 76: Repel Dark) x Satan (Lv 82: Null Wind) = Metatron (Repel Physical, Repel Dark, Null Wind, Lv 87: Repel Ice, Lv 88: Repel Elec)

Try to get rid of Hamaon from Anubis and Michael, Makarakarn from Anubis, and Maragidyne from Satan.

Source: Arthellinus

Ultimate Helel Required Level: 93

Moon Girimehkala (Lv56: Repel Physical) x Hermit Nebiros x Tower Masakado > Judgement Michael (Reflect Physical)

Use the above Michael to make Judgement Lucifer. Level up so that it has learned Mind Charge, Spell Master, and Victory Cry.

Judgement Lucifer x Hermit Arahabaki > Star Helel (Repel Physical, Mind Charge, Spell Master, and Victory Cry)

  • Notice that Arahabaki needs to have eight skills. It will also learn Repel Phy.

Source: //Persona4-ペルソナ4-合体専用スレ

Ultimate Blocker Helel Required Level: 93

Use Michael from the prior Ultimate Helel recipe to make Judgement Lucifer. Have Lucifer inherit Repel Physical from Michael and Repel Ice from Metatron. Lucifer can learn Absorb Elec, Spell Master and Victory Cry.

Judgement Lucifer x Hermit Nebiros x Hanged Attis > Hermit Arahabaki with Repel Ice and Absorb Elec. Have Arahabaki learn Repel Physical (Lv80) to increase your chances of inheritance. Recall Lucifer from the Compendium if you saved the one prior.

Judgement Lucifer x Hermit Arahabaki > Star Helel (Repel Phy, Repel Ice, Absorb Elec, Victory Cry/Spell Master) Helel will learn Repel Wind, and naturally nulls Fire, Light and Dark.

Source: MomoChan

Note: This one requires a decent amount of yen and patience because of grinding and noise control. For best results, try getting Arahabaki to inherit Spell Master/Victory Cry along with the two element blocks. Between Spell Master and Victory Cry, the latter is better since you can equip a Chakra Ring to compensate, but it's up to you. Also, the Attis used in the second part of the recipe is interchangeable with another high-level Hanged Man Persona.

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