Social Link - Hermit
Hermit Kitsune (キツネ)
Meeting location Tatsuhime Shrine (辰姫神社)
Days available Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun, and Holiday
Automatically initiated on 5/5
Rank 1-9
Refer to here for the descriptions of Kitsune's quests
When communication has reached maximum level, come back to the shrine
Obtained item Gift Ema(お礼の絵馬)
Rank maxed, Hermit Ongyouki(オンギョウキ) unlocked
Now you can pray with hand clapping action at the shrine

Kitsune will also recover your SP for a price in the TV after 5/5. The price goes down as the rank of Hermit goes up, and he will sometimes show up in a dungeon room so you can heal there. Also, a party member will may accompany Kitsune to a random dungeon room and will give you a recovery item when you talk to him/her and choose the second option. Prices are listed as follows:

Rank Yen/SP
1 60
2 55
3 50
4 45
5 40
6 35
7 30
8 25
9 20
10 15

Also when you talk to him, he would have different reactions. From happy to unhappy, it is: コン!>………。>グルルルル…. According to his happiness, the final price may go down or up by 30%.

After Hermit is maxed, the shrine will serve a new purpose: you can go there and pray for any Social Link to raise affinity. It takes up an afternoon, but this allows you to more flexibly spend your days, especially if it's raining.

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